General Health Assessment

Having a health assessment is the simplest and easiest way to detect if we carry any risk factors for diseases. Early detection through a health assessment allows for prompt medical intervention to treat or cure any disease detected.

Below you can find a range of assessment programs available with one-stop service at the clinic. Necessary medical intervention and specialist referral will be recommended if further investigation or treatment is required.

Some of our comprehensive assessments include diagnostic tests such as Treadmill ECG, Bone Densitometry (DEXA), Ultrasound, Mammogram and CT Scan. These tests are available in our Central, Jordan and Causeway Bay clinics.


Health Assessment Programs:

Basic Plan (details)
Available centre:  Central | Wanchai | Causeway Bay | Jordan | Tsim Sha Tsui | Shatin 

Standard Plan (details)
Available centre:  Central | Wanchai | Causeway Bay | Jordan | Tsim Sha Tsui | Shatin 

Executive Plan - Male (details)
Available centre:  Central | Wanchai | Causeway Bay | Jordan | Tsim Sha Tsui | Shatin 

Executive Plan - Female (details)
Available centre:  Central | Wanchai | Causeway Bay | Jordan | Tsim Sha Tsui | Shatin 

Premium Plan - Male (details)
Available centre:  Central | Causeway Bay | Jordan

Premium Plan - Female (details)
Available centre:  Central | Causeway Bay | Jordan

Supreme Plan - Male (details)
Available centre:  Central | Jordan 

Supreme Plan - Female (details)
Available centre:  Central | Jordan 

Well Women Checkup (details)
Available centre:  Causeway Bay


Before having your health assessment, you may click here to learn more about the preparation guidelines. It will help you better understand the specific preparation required for some tests. Should you need more information, please call any of our Health Assessment Centres for details.