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Do you Sleep Well?

Do you ever suffer from loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, or find it difficult to concentrate? Let’s try the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), which is the most frequently used method worldwide for assessing a person’s average daytime level of sleepiness.

Chance of Dozing:
Never = 0
Rarely = 1
Sometimes = 2
Often = 3

When: Never Rarely Sometimes Often
  • Sitting and reading
  • Watching television
  • Sitting inactively in a public place (e.g. theatre or meeting)
  • As a passenger in a car for an hour without a break
  • Lying down to rest in the afternoon when circumstances permit
  • Sitting and talking to someone
  • Sitting quietly after a lunch without alcohol
  • In a car, while stopped for a few minutes in the traffic