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Body Mass Index (BMI)

Researches show that Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference are indicators to evaluate a person’s obesity and their risk of suffering from obesity-related diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease) and the risk of death.

Obesity is harmful to our organs and the risk of mortality increases as the BMI goes up. To calculate your BMI value, enter your information below.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

BMI = weight (kg) / height² (m²)
The ideal BMI range for Asian adults is 18.5 – 22.9
Height m Calculate
Weight kg

Your BMI is:

BMI Classification for Asian Adults

BMI (kg / m²) Classification Risk of having obesity-related diseases
    Waist Circumference
Male:< 90 cm
Female:< 80 cm
Male:≧ 90 cm
Female:≧ 80 cm
< 18.5 Underweight Low
(but increased risk of other clinical problems)
18.5 - 22.9 Normal Average Increased
23 - 24.9 Overweight At risk Increased Moderate
25 - 29.9 Obese I Moderate Severe
> 30 Obese II Severe Very severe

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- WHO/IASO/IOTF. The Asia-Pacific perspective: redefining obesity and its treatment. Health Communication Australia Pty Ltd; 2000